GMO JP-DRS (GMO .JP Domain Registration Service) For Reseller

GMOINTERNET Japan's Largest Registrar Reseller ProgramJP-DRS is a domain name reseller program specializing in .JP domain names, offered by GMO Internet, Inc., a leading force in Japan’s Internet industry. We are the first accredited Registrar in Asia Pacific and have the largest market share in Japanese domain name market.JP-DRS enables you to control the entire domain name transactions, including registration, operation and management, allowing you to act as a .JP domain Registrar. Our API option allows you to integrate .JP domain registration and management seamlessly into your existing sites and services. You can also use this program as a Web Tool without integrating API.


Because, we can meet the following needs...

What are the JP-DRS Benefits?

How “JP-DRS” Work? - “JP-DRS” Overview

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