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General-Use .jp (.jp)

  • What are the requirements to register a .jp domain name?
    Both natural persons and corporations can register .jp domain names and they can register any number of domains. Although local presence is required, if your customer does not have a local presence in Japan, they may use our postal address for REGISTRANT information while their domains are managed by our JP-DRS service. Our postal address MUST NOT be used for any other contacts such as PUBLIC CONTACT since non-Japanese address is allowed to be used for those contacts, and therefore we offer our local presence service only for registrant information.
  • How do I submit a .jp domain name registration request?
    Please log into your account and follow the instructions below.

    *** How to submit new domain registration requests ***

    1) Click the "Domain Registration" button in the "Manage Domains" tab.
    2) Enter a domain name into the box, select the extensions that you'd like to register and click the "Search" button.
    3) Check the check box of the extension(s) on the next page and click the "Continue" button.
    4) Click the "Next" button.
    5) Select how you enter the domain's Whois information. You can also use contact handles that you have already created or your Account Owner Information.
    6) Click the "Next" button.
    7) If you have chosen "Enter new information," enter the required information on the next page.

    If your customer does not have their own address in Japan, you may let your customer use our company address for the registrant information of General-Use .jp or Prefecture-Type .jp domains.

    8) Click the "Use GMO Address" button which is shown next to "Registrant Information" GMO address and postal code will be entered automatically.

    Please fill out rest of the information and complete the application form. Plaese note that our Local Presence Service is available only for regsitrant address and it must not be used for any other information such as public contact information since local presence is required only for registrant.

    9) Select the registration duration and enter at least two name servers and click the "Next" button.
    10) Check whether all the information is correct, read the policies, click the check box next to "I agree to the above policies." and click the "Submit the order" button.
  • Are documents required?
    No, you do not have to provide us the applicant's personal IDs or company documents. However, we would like to urge you to check whether the applicant's information is correct and accurate before you submit a new domain registration request.
  • I registered a misspelled domain name. Can I cancel it?
    We are afraid that once created new registratin orders are non-cancellable.