JP-DRS GMO JP Domain Registration Service


General-Use .jp (.jp)

  • Can I restore a suspended domain name?
    You may make restoration requests only for the domain names that you terminated through your account. Please also check the domain name's status in the JP Whois before you submit a request since restoration is available only while the status in the Whois is "Suspended" and until the end of the 19th day of the month. If the status is still "To be suspended", you can not restore it. You should use the [Reactivate "To be Suspended" Domain] function instead.
  • How long is the Redemption Grace Period?
    19 days after expiration date.
  • How do I submit a restoration request?
    Please log into your account and follow the instructions below.

    1. Click the [Manage Domains] tab.
    2. Click the [Restore Expired Domain] button in "Renewal" menu.
    3. Click the box of the domain name that you would like to restore.
    *Restoration is not available for the domains that do not appear on the screen.
    4. Click the [Next] button.
    5. Read all the policies and click the check box.
    6. Click the "Submit Order" button to submit your request.
    7. Confirm that the domain name has been restored successfully.
  • Are documents required?
    No. Documents are not required.
  • The domain name's status in the Whois is "To be Suspended." Can I restore it?
    The status "To be Suspended" means that the domain name will be suspended at the end of the month and it has not expired yet. If you would like to remove this status from the domain name, click the "Reactivate "To be Suspended" Domain" and submit a reactivation request. You must complete the whole reactivation process by the end of 23:59 (JST) of the month.