JP-DRS GMO JP Domain Registration Service


Cause of Failures

  • Transfer-out failed. Why?
    Did you check the transfer-out confirmation email and take required actions to approve it by the deadline? Transfer-out confirmation emails are not sent to registrants. You have to take actions to approve transfer-out request since we send transfer-out confirmation emails only to our partners.
  • Transfer-out request was disapproved instantly. Why?
    Please check the domain's registrant and public contact information. If the domain is using GMO's postal address for its registrant, public contact or both contacts, that was the cause of the transfer failure.

    As it is stated in our management panel, our proxy service is available only while a domain is managed under GMO JP-DRS service. It is necessary for you to change the domain's registrant address to a different Japanese address before you let it transfer out. Please make sure to change the postal code too, since all transfer requests will automatically be disapporved by our system if the domains have the postal code [150-8512] in the registrant and public contact information.